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Green IT Solutions

Go Green with VMware Virtualization

Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations today.

Computing equipment has become increasingly dense, energy costs are on the rise and many datacenters simply lack the power or space IT services require. Industry analysts estimate the annual cost of powering a server will soon exceed its acquisition cost.

Underutilized desktop and server hardware is at the root of the problem. Desktops and servers run at average utilization rates of only 8-15 percent yet while idle consume nearly as much power as they do when active. Hardware capacity is typically over-provisioned because it is hard to adjust dynamically. The result is too much hardware that is highly inefficient at delivering IT services.

Consequently, many IT organizations are looking for solutions that can help them reduce their energy costs and consumption while at least maintaining service levels and responsiveness to the business.

VMware virtualization is a proven solution for increasing energy efficiency, and many major utility providers now offer financial incentives for virtualization-based desktop and server consolidation projects. By participating in these incentive programs, you can achieve even greater financial savings and faster ROI with VMware virtualization solutions. Contact your local utility provider to find out if they offer financial incentives for virtualization-based consolidation projects.

VMware solutions can help reduce energy costs from the desktop to the datacenter by right-sizing your IT infrastructure. More than 100,000 customers—including all of the Fortune 100—rely on VMware to reduce costs, increase IT efficiency and go green.

Improve Energy Efficiency for Corporate Desktop PCs: -

VMware solutions can also help you improve energy efficiency on the desktop. Many VMware customers are reducing their energy costs by using the VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution to replace underutilized PC desktop hardware with thin clients that consume far less energy and do not need to be replaced as often. With VMware VDI, administrators get the added manageability and control that comes with centralizing desktop images in the datacenter, while end users get convenient, flexible access to their own complete, customizable desktop. VMware VDI extends powerful virtual infrastructure capabilities to the desktop, including dynamic workload balancing and distributed power management, which improve availability and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

• Reduce energy costs by 80 percent.
• Dynamically power down servers without affecting
   applications or end users.
• Green your IT infrastructure while improving reliability,
   availability and service levels.

VT Computing Services (P) Ltd has established partnerships to better understand the usage of Green IT features and have tested VMware products while talking with our clients to provide the best energy conservation features. Like most other IT solutions; the VT Computing Services management of these energy saving features is a tiered solution. To better understand how you can help your environment give your VT Computing Services representative a call today.